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Notice on Adjusting the List of Earmarked Testing Providers of the Double Tests and Related Arrangements and Related Arrangements

Due to the internal adjustments of the testing providers and for the convenience of passengers traveling to China to take the double tests of nucleic acid test and antibody test for IgM, the Consulate General will make the following adjustments to the list of earmarked testing providers and related arrangements:

1. The first round of the double tests

From June 27, Mediclinic City Hospital will be removed from the list and Mediclinic Deira will be added to it as an earmarked testing provider of the first round of the double tests. (Test reports issued by Mediclinic City Hospital before June 27 will still be accepted by the Consulate General).

From June 27, passengers from the consular area traveling to China should take the first round of the double tests in one of the providers listed below 14 days before the flight takes off.

Name of Provider


Business hours


Mediclinic Deira

City Centre Offices Building, Offices Building, Port Saeed Adjacent to Pullman Hotel-Dubai

9:00 - 17:00


Iranian Hospital

AL Wasl Rd-AI Bada’a-Dubai

9:00 - 15:00


2. The second round of the double tests

From now on, passengers from the consular area traveling to China should take a second round of double tests between 48 and 24 hours before the flight takes off (For example, if the flight takes off at 23:30 on the 8th, the passengers should go to a testing provider at its business hours between 23:30 on the 6th and 23:30 on the 7th)

Name of Provider


Business hours


United Medical Center

1st floor, Wafi Mall (Take the designated lift directly to the testing center from the designated underground parking lot)

7:00 - 15:00

800 864 5227

Note: When sampling for the second round of the double tests, please cooperate with the staff who will ask you to take a photo holding your passport and the registration form. You need to submit this photo to the section of “test reports” when applying for HS QR Code/HDC QR Code. If the photo is not submitted, the application for HS QR Code/HDC QR Code will not be accepted.

3. Other matters needing attention

(1) The testing providers earmarked by Etihad Airways for flight EY862 are different from those designated by the Consulate General. Please check in advance to ensure that your test report meets the requirements of all parties.

(2) The earmarked provider list will be adjusted based on the accuracy of the test reports. Please pay close attention.

              Chinese Consulate General in Dubai

    June 21, 2021


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