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Notice on Adjusting the List of Earmarked Testing Providers of the Double Testof Nucleic Acid Test and Antibody Test for IgM and the Time Limit of Sampling

At present, the pandemic of COVID-19 is severe and complicated, and there have been many cases transmitted from the UAE to China, which have caused suspension of several flights. In order to protect the lives and health of people traveling to China, keep the exchanges of people between China and the UAE and maintain the hard-won results of prevention and control, the Consulate General has adjusted the list of earmarked testing providers and the requirement on sampling time as follows from April 20:

1. Adjusting the list of earmarked testing providers

Among the branches of Mediclinic, only City Hospital is retained, and other branches of Mediclinic are removed from the list. The Consulate General will no longer accept test reports issued by other branches of Mediclinic except City Hospital after April 20.

The new list of earmarked nucleic acid testing and IgM anti-body testing providers is as follows:


Name of Provider


Booking line


Canadian Specialist Hospital

Behind Ministry of Environment and Water- Abu Hail- Dubai



Mediclinic City Hospital

Building 37 - 26th St - Umm Hurair 2Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai



Iranian Hospital-Dubai

AL Wasl Rd-AI Bada’a-Dubai


2. Limiting the sampling time of the double test within 48 hours before takeoff

Flight Number

Sampling Time

Air China CA942

Wednesday 9:00-15:00

Emirates EK362

Thursday 9:00-15:00


1. The sampling time limit only applies to the double test within 48 hours before the flight departure [for example: passengers of CA942 on April 30 (Friday) must go to an earmarked testing provider at 9:00-15:00 on April 28 (Wednesday) for sampling. Reports of testing sampled at other time will not be accepted by the Consulate General.]

2. For the double test 14 days before boarding, the passengers can choose their own time to go to the earmarked testing provider for sampling on that day.

3. The overall requirements for cross-double test and 14-day quarantine before boarding remain unchanged.

3. Other matters needing attention

(1) The testing providers earmarked by Etihad Airways are different from those designated by the Consulate General. Please check in advance to ensure that your test report meets the requirements of all parties.

(2) Before going to any test providers, please make a phone call to confirm whether the provider is open as usual, and the time required for issuing test reports.

(3) The above list will be adjusted based on the service quality of these providers. Please pay close attention.

Consulate General of China in Dubai

April 19th ,2021


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