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Notice for Online Chinese Visa application with E-application Forms and Pre-booked appointments

In order to provide more standardized and better service for Chinese visa applicants,according to the arrangement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China,Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai will use online system for submitting application forms and booking appointments,starting from 1st August 2020.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

1.From 1st August 2020,applicants(except for applicants applying for Hong Kong SAR visa and Macao SAR visa) will be required to fill in electronic applicantion forms at https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn,and directly enter the visa appointment page through the appointment link,or pre-book appoinment time slots at https://avas.cs.mfa.gov.cn. Applicants can also fill in their electronic application forms and make appointments for visa through China Visa Application Service Center’s website https://www.visaforchina.org.

After completing the online application forms and appointments,applicants are required to print out the application form and the confirmation page,sign on the above-mentioned ducuments,and then submit their passports and other application documents to China Visa Application Service Center in Dubai.

2.From 1st August 2020 to 31st August 2020,applicants can still use the existing physical paper application forms.Starting from 1st September 2020,all applicants will have to be submitted through the online application system,the Chinese Consulate in Dubai and China Visa Application Service Center will cease to accept the existing physical paper application forms.

3.Apllicants who hold a diplomatic,offical passprt or who are members of an important official delegations,are not required to make appointment on line.The above-mentioned applicants will only need to complete the online application forms at https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn or https://www.visaforchina.org,and print out the comfirmation page and application form.After signing on the above-mentioned forms,they could proceed to submit their passports and other application documents directly to the Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai.

4.The visa application process for Hong Kong SAR visa and Macao SAR visa will remain the same.There is no need to fill in the forms online or make appointments for submisstion so far.During the COVID-19 period,applicants are advised to visit the official websites of the Government of Hong Kong SAR immigration department(https://www.immd.gov.hk) and the Government of Macao SAR Public Security Police Force(https://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/cht/main.html) to check the latest visa application policy.

5.Reminder from Chinese Consulate-General again that there is no change of China visa application policy during COVID-19 period.Chinese Consulate-General still only accept visa applications for visiting China for necessary purposes,including for trade,scientific and technological activities,as well as urgent humanitarian demands.

Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai

22 July 2020

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