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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Online Seminar with Chinese School Dubai

On the afternoon of March 10, the Consulate General in Dubai and Chinese School Dubai held an online seminar. The participants of the seminar included Consul General Li Xuhang, Vice Consul-General Sun Xudong, Vice Consul-General Tan Li, Counselor Wu Yi, Principal Yin Liping, Vice Principal Zhao Baidong, Vice Principal Zheng Jianhua, and the heads of teaching and research groups of the Chinese School Dubai.

Principal Yin Liping and other participants from Chinese School Dubai made reports on various aspects of the work in the first semester after the school opened including the achievements and problems, and proposed work plans for the next semester.

In his concluding speech, Consul General Li Xuhang made highly positive remarks on the great dedication and hard work of the school staff in the establishment and operation of the school and expressed warm congratulations on the school’s achievements in the first semester in coordinating teaching and epidemic prevention. He emphasized that the Consulate General will continue to provide full support for the healthy and sustainable development of the school. He also required the school to further implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech on establishing Chinese schools abroad. To meet this requirement, the school must take views from higher perspectives and deepen its understanding so that it can turn crises into opportunities and make innovations based on integrity. Meanwhile, it should also improve its own abilities while coordinating resources, aiming to be the vanguard in bringing packed Chinese education system to the world. Its achievements in this respect will be an excellent present for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

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