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Consul General Li Xuhang Publishes Article in UAE Mainstream Media to Promote Two Sessions of China

On March 18, Consul General Li Xuhang published a signed article "The Two Sessions of China Brings Certainty to the World" in Al Bayan, a mainstream Arabic newspaper in the UAE. The English translation of the full text of the article is as follows:

Liang Hui, or the two sessions refers to the sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The two sessions are the practice of democracy at the highest level in China. In the two sessions, more than 5,000 NPC deputies and CPPCC members discuss affairs of state together. In this way, the greatest common factor of Chinese people of all ethnic groups participate in the governance of China and reach an authoritative consensus on the will of the broadest masses of the people, which set a Chinese model of the progress of the mankind.

"GDP growth target of 6%", "new development pattern", "high-quality development", "improving the Hong Kong SAR election system", etc. These expressions related to national development and legislative matters have become "hot words" in recent international media reports of the two sessions of China this year.

GDP growth target of 6%

China’s announcement at the two sessions that its GDP growth target of 2021 is 6% has drawn keen interest of international media. They asked why it is 6% but not higher. This target not only shows the confidence of the Chinese government and the strength of the Chinese economy, but also reflects the government's pragmatic and far-reaching considerations. The Chinese government has set this target for several reasons, including consolidating the foundation for economic recovery, concentrating the energy on reforms, innovation, and high-quality development, maintaining China's long-term economic growth, and keeping the boost of the "China Engine" to the global economy.

A "dual circulation" development pattern

It was formalized in the “Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035” to establish a "dual circulation" development pattern in which domestic economic cycle plays a leading role while international economic cycle remains its extension and supplement. China proposed this national development strategic layout for the next stage based on its own development. Through the "dual circulation", China's economy is more intricately linked with global economy. We will pursue high-quality development at home and promote opening-up on a higher level to the outside world. With a continuously growing market, China will bring the world more opportunities.

Improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong SAR

The "Decision of the National People’s Congress on Improving the Electoral System of the Hong Kong" passed at the two sessions aims to ensure “patriots administering Hong Kong” and better implement the policy of One Country, Two Systems. Swearing allegiance to the homeland is the basic political ethics that the holders of and those who run for public offices in any countries must abide by. This decision represents improvement of the electoral system of the Hong Kong SAR by the highest legislative body of China. It demonstrates China’s stern position and strong will in defending its sovereignty, security, and developmental interests. It is also the institutional safeguards for the long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong as an international financial center, for ending chaos and resuming order in Hong Kong, and for protecting the rights of Hong Kong residents and the legitimate interests of investors from various countries.

The two sessions of China have brought the greatest certainty to the uncertain world shrouded by Covid-19. China is promising in its development. When China is deeply integrated into the world, it will actively promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind while expanding its opening-up. China will bring more stability, provide more boost, and make more contribution to global development and global governance.


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