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Embassy and Consulate in UAE Convenes Meeting for Chinese-funded Enterprises and Institutions to Collect and Exchange Experience on Fight Against Covid-19

On March 30, the embassy and consulate of China in the UAE held a video meeting for Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions to collect and exchange experience on the fight against Covid-19. The meeting was presided over by Consul General Li Xuhang and attended by dozens of Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions in the UAE. Ambassador Ni Jian conveyed work plans in the meeting.

Ambassador Ni Jian introduced the current situation of Covid-19 over the world and in the UAE. He conveyed four arrangements for the next stage of epidemic prevention: First, continuously enhance political stance, strengthen the sense of responsibility, keep alert to risks, and persevere with daily control and management of the epidemic. Second, give full measure to treat people infected with Covid-19. Third, actively and steadily promote vaccination. Fourth, continue to keep the “dual-stability", that is the stability of foreign investment and trade. Consul General Li Xuhang put forward specific requirements on the epidemic prevention and control in enterprises, "dual-stability", and preventing imported cases. He expressed that the Consulate General will continue to adhere to the idea of "diplomacy for the people" and actively provide necessary assistance in the work such as employees of enterprises taking vaccinations as soon as possible.

The heads of 6 Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions including CNPC Middle East, Bank of China Dubai Branch, CSCEC Middle East, CCECC-UAE, Power China Headquarter of Middle East and North Africa, and Chinese School Dubai introduced their experience in the fight against Covid-19. The participants had a lively discussion on the difficulties and problems encountered in the prevention of the epidemic and imported cases. They expressed that under the careful plans and guidance of the embassy and consulate in the UAE, they will coordinate epidemic prevention and enterprise operation to score the overall victory of the epidemic prevention and control.

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