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Consulate General in Dubai Hosts Online Work Forum with Chinese Business Council in UAE

On January 13, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai held an online work forum with the Chinese Business Council in UAE. Consul General Li Xuhang delivered a speech in the forum. Vice Consul-General Sun Xudong also attended the forum presided over by Commercial Counselor Wu Yi. Units above the vice-chair level of the Business Council and other representatives of Chinese enterprises, totaling over 30 people, attended the meeting.

Participants introduced the current problems their businesses encountered in operation and development and reported in detail the plans and arrangements for resuming work and production in 2021. The Consulate General and the Business Council are hoped to better support enterprises in pandemic prevention and control as well as business development, to which the participants held a lively discussion and raised more than twenty suggestions.

Consul General Li Xuhang said that 2020 had been an extraordinary year, with the pandemic being both a touchstone and a polish stone. The member enterprises of the Business Council have performed well and kept growing during the challenging time of the pandemic. Li Xuhang made fully positive remarks on the contributions made by the relevant member enterprises of the Business Council in establishing Chinese School Dubai in 2020 and hoped that Chinese enterprises would actively resume work and production while implementing the principles of keeping the people calm, minimizing travel flow, and preventing imported cases. In view of the comments and suggestions put forward by member enterprises of the Business Council, Li Xuhang answered each question and reviewed each task. He suggested that the Council should establish a periodical work mechanism and implement the divisions of tasks as planned. It should lead the members to actively map out the post-pandemic era by integrating the advantages of Chinese enterprises to seize the opportunities together during this demanding time.

Participants agreed that as production and life in the UAE gradually returned to normal, the employees have stayed calm and confident. They are ready to work together and overcome the development obstacles while implementing ongoing prevention and control measures. In 2021, the member enterprises will actively cooperate with the Consulate General with its work deployment and cooperate with the Business Council to implement requirements in an efficient manner. Together, they will promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, contributing to the "dual circulation" development pattern. They will also promote China-UAE economic and trade cooperation, laying a strong foundation for the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

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