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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Online Symposium with Representatives from Overseas Chinese Communities in Dubai

On January 11, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai held a video symposium with representatives of the overseas Chinese communities in the New Year. Consul General Li Xuhang delivered a speech in the meeting presided over by Vice Consul-General Tan Li. Xu Xiaoping, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Federation UAE, Chen Zhixiang, President of the UAE Association for Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China in Dubai, and other over 20 local representatives of leaders of overseas Chinese communities and cultural and educational organizations attended the meeting.

Participants introduced the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, production and people’s life in the overseas Chinese communities, reported the plan for resuming work and production in the next stage, and offered many suggestions on the work of consular affairs in 2021 for the Consulate General. It is unanimously agreed that the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism established by the Consulate General in March last year has played a leading role in uniting the overseas Chinese in the consular area to fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together. So far, the UAE has gradually overcome the shock from the epidemic. The overseas Chinese are generally stable in emotion while working hard to reduce the impact of the epidemic. They actively expand online transactions to seize opportunities for development. In 2021, the overseas Chinese communities will actively support the Consulate General by working together to help each other and promote the resumption of work and production, aiming to achieve better development in the "post-epidemic era".

Consul General Li Xuhang made fully positive remarks on the outstanding performance of the overseas Chinese in the consular area in preventing and fighting the epidemic and expressed his sincere gratitude to the overseas Chinese communities for their contributions to the fight against the epidemic in China and helping local overseas Chinese. Li Xuhang said that the Consulate General in Dubai will actively enhance confidence and stability with heartwarming actions. We will concentrate all our efforts on helping overseas Chinese solve practical difficulties, uniting and leading them to prevent and control the epidemic, resuming work and production, and continuing to fight the epidemic during the “overtime”. With the joint efforts of all organizations involved in the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, overseas Chinese in the consular area will be able to seize the opportunity in a century of change, create new opportunities in the pandemic crisis, and take the lead in the resumption of work and production, so as to make new and greater contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation in various fields between China and the UAE.

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