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Consul General Li Xuhang Publishes Signed Article in Al Bayan

On December 15, Consul General Li Xuhang published a signed article in Al Bayan, a mainstream newspaper in the UAE, titled "Multilateralism is the Golden Key to Defeating the Epidemic". The full text is as follows:

The earth is becoming smaller and the interests of all countries are interweaving at a faster pace. Meeting challenges and creating opportunities has become a common issue for leaders of all countries. Not long ago, the summits of BRICS, APEC, and G20 were held one after another. In these multilateral summits, leaders of various countries reached a broad consensus: multilateralism, solidarity and cooperation are the only correct ways to overcome global challenges and are the golden keys to solving many problems in the world.

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended these three summits and put forth 23 important initiatives to promote the international consensus and cooperation on major issues such as coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, shaping the international order in the post-COVID era, and to work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind, which brought great confidence and strength to the international community.

1. China actively contributes wisdom to COVID-19 prevention and control and economic recovery

Benefiting from the strong leadership of the Chinese government and the solidarity of the people across the country, China took the lead in achieving a decisive victory in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. China's successful experience and our fruitful cooperation with the UAE in fighting the COVID-19 showed that solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to defeat the epidemic. Facing the global spread of the COVID-19, President Xi Jinping called on all countries to close ranks and strengthen cooperation under the leadership of the World Health Organization, so as to gather the greatest joint effort to fight the epidemic as soon as possible. China and the UAE have achieved important results in their cooperation in COVID-19 vaccine trial, which will make an important contribution to building a global firewall against the epidemic and building a community of shared health for mankind.

Chinese people know well that "it is better to suffer short-term pain so that one will not have to suffer long-term pain". Therefore, after a concentrated effort to fight the epidemic, China took the lead in restoring economic growth. Based on the success of coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, China has proposed a package of Chinese plans to promote the recovery of global economy and advocated an open, innovative, inclusive, and green economic development. This concept of development is in line with the national strategy of the UAE to achieve transition toward green energy and digital economy, and Dubai has successfully put this concept into practice.

2. China firmly upholds the multilateral trading system and the rights and interests of developing countries

The sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has once again spotlighted the fragility and insufficiency of the global economic governance system. It has also proved that unilateralism gets nowhere and helps no one. President Xi Jinping put forward an outlook on global economic governance that upholds multilateralism, pursues openness and inclusiveness, promotes mutually beneficial cooperation and keeps pace with the times. He calls for firmly safeguarding the rules-based multilateral trading system, protecting the development rights, interests and space of developing countries, and raising the representation and voice of developing countries in international financial organizations. China is the world's largest developing country. As the only major economy in the world to show positive growth this year, China is willing to work with emerging markets and developing countries to strengthen solidarity and cooperation, overcome the challenges of the COVID-19, and achieve economic recovery and development.

The UAE actively participates in international multilateral events and was invited to participate in the G20 Energy Ministers Meeting and G20 Leaders Summit. We highly appreciate the UAE's ongoing commitment to multilateral cooperation. It contributes its experience, wisdom, and strength to the global fight against the pandemic and the recovery of economy, playing an extremely important role.

3. China's new development paradigm will bring huge opportunities to the world

President Xi Jinping also introduced China's new paradigm of development in which domestic economic cycle plays a leading role while international economic cycle remains its extension and supplement. He emphasized that the new development paradigm will enable China to fully unlock its market potential and create greater demand for other countries. It will also enable China to open up wider and share more opportunities for common development with other countries. As China's comprehensive strategic partner, the UAE's geographical proximity to China has put it in a good position to benefit from this earlier. It will enjoy more opportunities brought by China's new development paradigm earlier.

The 23 initiatives put forth by President Xi Jinping have injected strong impetus into global multilateral cooperation. As firm supporters of multilateralism, China and the UAE have opened up new space for cooperation under multilateral cooperation mechanisms with the 23 initiatives. We believe that the joint efforts of China and the UAE will make positive contributions to the consolidation and development of the multilateral trading system, the promotion of global solidarity in fighting the COVID-19, and the restoration of world economic growth.

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