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Video Conference on Covid-19 Testing Technologies Held in Dubai Consulate General

On October 26, the Consulate General in Dubai held an online Technical Exchange Meeting on COVID-19 Testing and invited Professor Wang Wenling, Deputy Director of the Emergency Technology Center of the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to give a keynote lecture on Covid-19 testing technologies. Consul General Li Xuhang attended the exchange meeting and delivered a speech. The conference saw the attendance of more than 70 people including Guo Xin, Counselor of the Embassy in the UAE, Tan Li, Vice Consul-General of the Consulate General in Dubai, and health officials and testing experts from Dubai Health Authority, Police Department, Emirates Airline and main medical institutions in the UAE.

In his speech, Li Xuhang thanked Professor Wang Wenling for attending the meeting to introduce China's experience in COVID-19 testing to UAE experts. Li also thanked the designated local testing providers for their cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in verification of the test result of travelers heading China. Li pointed out that testing is an extremely critical link in the anti-epidemic endeavor. Some travelers’ tests taken upon arrival in China showed inconsistent results with their tests taken at departure from the UAE, which could cause China big risks of importing cases. Many airlines have been imposed flight suspensions due to the imported cases, which has caused loss to both airline companies and the passengers. Li expressed his hope that this meeting promotes the communication and mutual learning of the testing technologies between the two countries and the improvement of the testing technology of both parties. Reviewing the examination of China-bound traveler testing results implemented by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UAE since August 25, Li called on the designated testing providers to keep conducting strict testing, improve the accuracy, strengthen the checking of the tester, improve the anti-counterfeiting property of the test report, cooperate actively with the Embassy and Consulate and improve the efficiency of the inspection of all the reports.

Professor Wang Wenling explained in detail the basic requirements of the covid-19 testing from four aspects: testing sample collection, characteristics of the nucleic acid test, testing quality control, and laboratory biosafety protection. She also introduced China’s successful experience in the quality control of test reagents, technical path selection, and standards setting for judgment. After the lecture, experts from China and the UAE conducted in-depth discussions over the advantages and disadvantages of existing testing and treatment methods, and the future development of the testing technology.

The exchange was well received by the UAE experts who expressed their gratitude towards the Consulate for holding this conference and appreciated that the lecture delivered by the high-level Chinese experts would play an important role in the improvement of the testing accuracy of the local institutions.

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