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China Embassy and Consulate in UAE Convene the Fifth Video Conference on Pandemic Prevention and Control for Chinese Enterprises

In order to better guide Chinese enterprises in the UAE to fight against the pandemic and prevent the coronavirus from entering the country, the embassy and consulate in the UAE held the fifth video meeting on the prevention and control of the pandemic for Chinese enterprises in the UAE on October 15. The meeting was presided over by Li Xuhang, the Consular General in Dubai. Ni Jian, Ambassador to the UAE, delivered a speech. Heads of more than 30 Chinese enterprises in the UAE attended the conference.

Ambassador Ni Jian introduced the current epidemic situation in the UAE, conveyed relevant instructions and guidelines from China on epidemic prevention and control, and requested Chinese enterprises in the UAE to further enhance their political awareness and carry out their responsibilities. They are advised to resolutely guard against any tendency to let down guard, become weary of the fight, take chances, and slacken efforts. Pandemic prevention and control is still the top priority of all tasks, so practical measures should be carried out strictly to prevent the coronavirus from entering. Successful implementation can serve China's overall goal of fighting against the pandemic.

Consul General Li Xuhang asked the Chinese enterprises in the UAE to promote and improve prevention and control programmes and measures by investigating shortcomings, refine processes, and strengthen any weak points. While carefully managing personnel rotation, work resumption and production, enterprises should strengthen on-site supervision and inspection to ensure that all prevention and control measures are in place to guard the health and safety of all employees.

All participating enterprises agreed to implement relevant instructions and deployments in China as well as the specific requirements of the embassies and consulate. They resolved to actively shoulder responsibilities, overcome obstacles, and continue promoting prevention and control in the UAE as well as stopping the coronavirus from entering. In this way, they can contribute to the fight against the coronavirus in China and facilitate economic and social development.

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