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Consul General Li Xuhang Attends Celebration Ceremony of 2020 Chinese Teacher's Day in Chinese School Dubai

On September 10, Consul General Li Xuhang attended the Celebration Ceremony of 2020 Chinese Teacher's Day and Appreciation Meeting, sending his best wishes to all teachers and thanking the Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese in the consular district who made important contributions to the establishment of Chinese School Dubai. Vice Consul-Generals Sun Xudong and Tan Li, and Economic & Commercial Counselor Wu Yi also attended the event.

Li Xuhang said in his speech that the occasion was not only the 36th Chinese Teacher's Day but also the first Chinese Teacher's Day celebrated in Chinese School Dubai. He extended his best wishes to all teachers in the consular district including those of Chinese School Dubai. Teachers who traveled from Hangzhou to Dubai are a brave and honorable group who left their homes during the pandemic when most people are trying to go back to their homes and stay there. The teachers overcame many difficulties and are pioneers who help China's basic education to go global.

Li Xuhang said that the occasion was also the second anniversary of President Xi Jinping's important speech delivered at the National Education Conference. On September 10, 2018, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the National Education Conference, giving clear instructions on running schools overseas. After two years of the speech, Chinese School Dubai, as the first overseas school with a Chinese academic system, becomes the first successful practice and a pioneering achievement in implementing the instructions. All teachers at Chinese School Dubai are founding heroes of the school and pioneers in running overseas Chinese schools, thus making history. They have shown "Chinese spirit, strength and speed" during the founding of the school. On behalf of the Consulate General, Li Xuhang expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese enterprises and enthusiastic overseas Chinese who participated in building the school for their strong support and selfless dedication.

Li Xuhang pointed out that the founding of Chinese School Dubai is a significant event, one with glorious missions and a profound influence. It is a successful implementation of President Xi Jinping's important instructions calling Chinese education to go global. It enhances the international influence of Chinese education and is a result of supporting the eastern Chinese region to take the lead in running modern, internationally leading schools with Chinese characteristics. It is also a specific project under the grand Belt and Road Initiative and a beneficial exploration of cultivating teaching staff at an international level.

At last, Li Xuhang expressed his hopes and expectations to make Chinese School Dubai a first-class demonstration school of overseas Chinese basic education. Specifically, the school should firstly maintain the direction of running a socialist school. Secondly, it should actively develop courses, teaching materials and evaluation tools with Chinese characteristics and international competitive advantages to improve the international competitiveness of the school. Thirdly, it should actively promote China's high-quality educational resources and international courses with Chinese characteristics, making Chinese contribution to the formulation of international educational rules and standards. Fourthly, it should strive to become a national training base for training internationally competitive teachers.

Li Xuhang and Yin Liping presented appreciation plaques to Chinese enterprises together.

Principal Yin Liping, teachers and representatives of enterprises gave speeches and expressed their gratitude to the Consulate General for its "diplomacy for the people" spirit and its leading role in founding Chinese School Dubai. They also wished the school a bright future. Students presented flowers to teachers and wished them a happy holiday. Afterwards, teachers and students gave live performances.

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