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Consul General Li Xuhang Attends Network Meeting for Chinese Companies in Construction and Financial Industries in Consular District

On August 27, the Consulate General in Dubai and the Chinese Business Council in the UAE jointly organized an on-line network meeting for Chinese companies in construction and financial industries, aiming to help construction companies in the UAE to solve problems due to the pandemic such as financial difficulties. Consul General Li Xuhang attended the network meeting and delivered a speech. Commercial Counsellor Wu Yi also attended the meeting. Leaders of companies including China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Bank of China Dubai International Financial Centre Branch, China Construction Bank Dubai International Financial Centre Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Dubai Branch and the Sinosure Work Party in Dubai attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang said that under the situation where the global pandemic becomes a norm, it is of special significance to hold this network meeting. It is hoped that the network meeting will be centred around real problems and difficulties and will effectively help companies to solve them. Solutions always outnumber problems. However severe the situation, we should always search for favourable conditions and fully utilize them to turn crises into opportunities. Companies should make good use of the political advantages of China-UAE friendship and the favourable policies of the local government, actively seeking communication and coordination with local government agencies. It is also necessary for them to make good use of China’s experience of resuming work and production, as well as the economic opportunities under the "dual circulation" development model, actively optimizing the unique advantages enjoyed by overseas Chinese companies in connecting domestic and international markets at the same time. Furthermore, they should take advantage of the Chinese company community in the UAE by helping each other and achieving a win-win situation. With the solid support offered by banks, companies will achieve a soft landing in difficult times.

Li Xuhang emphasized the importance of prevention and control of the pandemic and its status as the premise of production and operation. Personnel to return to China should be organised in an orderly manner in strict accordance with Chinese requirements. At the same time, companies should operate legally and in compliance with regulations, thus protecting and promoting China-UAE friendship and building a positive image of China.

Representatives of Chinese construction companies in the consular district discussed the impact of the pandemic on their companies and the problems they faced. Representatives of financial institutions introduced financial products and measures that can benefit the construction industry. The meeting saw a heated discussion with Q and A. The network meeting is one of a series of measures taken by the Consulate General in Dubai to guide the Chinese Business Council in the UAE to actively assist Chinese companies in the consular district to resume work and production.

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