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Consul General Li Xuhang Attends China-UAE Tourism Cooperation Forum

On July 16, Consul General Li Xuhang was invited to attend the video conference of the China-UAE Tourism Cooperation Forum held during the first China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo. This forum with the theme of Integration and Innovation in the New Era was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Ministry of Economy of the UAE. Xie Jinying, Director of the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, and Isam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, attended the forum.

In his speech, Li Xuhang expressed congratulations on the forum. He said that despite the current pandemic, the Digital Expo and the China-UAE Tourism Cooperation Forum have received strong support from many government departments, organizations, and companies from both sides. It shows that no difficulties can stop the progress of China-UAE friendly exchanges and cooperation. Although the pandemic has pressed "pause button" for international travel, it is still possible to store energy and prepare for restoring off-line tourist and cultural activities in the future through innovative forms such as on-line communication and exhibitions. Looking at the post-pandemic period, we are full of confidence in the prospects of China-UAE economic and trade cooperation in areas such as tourism.

Li Xuhang emphasized that every crisis is an opportunity. The crisis of the coronavirus pandemic has brought new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of China-UAE cooperation in tourism, economy, and trade, improving quality and efficiency. Opening a new world of China-UAE cooperation in digital economy will provide strong support for the Dubai World Expo next year. The pandemic will become a watershed in the transformation of globalization. Globalization will be upgraded into a new digitalized version, namely Globalization 2.0. The China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo and the on-line Tourism Cooperation Forum held today have added more ways to display cultural and tourist products and expanded their marketing channels. They will promote the integration of on-line and off-line development and explore an upgraded version of China-UAE economic and trade cooperation.

Xie Jinying said that in this special period when the whole world is fighting the COVID-19, the forum demonstrates the unity and cooperation of the tourism departments and industries of China and the UAE to overcome the difficulties. It not only proves that digital technology has brought new opportunities to tourism, exchanges, and cooperation, but also reflects the friendship and the high-level strategic partnership between China and the UAE. It is hoped that everyone can use the platform of this forum to discuss in depth how to give full play to the role of digital technology in promoting China-UAE tourism cooperation and make new contributions to the recovery of the tourism industry after the pandemic.

Isam Kazim said that the UAE and China not only cooperate closely in economy, trade and tourism, but also firmly support each other in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has brought about exponential growth of digital apps. People has begun to pay more attention to health and safety during travel. These changes will bring new opportunities and space for cooperation in tourism between China and the UAE in the post-pandemic period. It is hoped that this forum can play a more positive role in facilitating this process.

After the keynote speeches, representatives from China and the UAE also discussed on topics such as "digital innovation in cultural and tourist projects" and displayed high-quality cultural tourism projects on-line.

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