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Li Xuhang Publishes A Signed Article Titled China's Secret: How Do We Manage to Win the Battle Over COVID-19

On May 22, Li Xuhang, Consul General in Dubai, published a signed article in two mainstream newspapers, Al Bayan and Khaleej Times, titled China's Secret: how do we manage to win the battle over COVID-19. Here is the English translation of the full text:


As a developing country with a population of 1.4 billion, China successfully prevented and controlled COVID-19 in less than two months. The cumulative number of confirmed cases is just over 80,000, which represents a lower figure than the number of deaths in some western superpowers with advanced medical level. Therefore, somebody are curious about this situation and others even suspected that China had cover up the data and hide the truth.

Actually, the truth is, as Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed at the World Health Assembly, “all along, we have acted with openness, transparency and responsibility. We have provided information to WHO and relevant countries in a most timely fashion.” So, is there any "secret weapon" for China's successful fight against the pandemic? Yes, there are some "anti-pandemic secrets" with Chinese characteristics.

First, prevention and control at the community level is the top priority. China believes that communities are the main battlefields for epidemic prevention and control. 1.4 billion people across the country responded to the government’s request for staying at home. How did this happen? Besides the self-discipline of the huge population,, the Chinese Government at all levels as well as officials work together to provide community management services simultaneously. Taking Hubei as an example, 580,000 officials at all levels in the province are sent to the communities taking charge of household surveys, temperature testing, patient transfers, and material distribution. On one hand, they are confronted with the fight against COVID-19, and on the other, they must try their very best to support and assist the residents with daily essential needs both materially and psychologically. In Wuhan alone, 45,000 officials have been demanded to show up in more than 3,000 communities, 7,000 residential complexes, and 13,000 smaller units as chessboard patterns. What’s important, it is really worth to mention that so many community workers and volunteers have become the backbone to defeat the virus at community level. There are nearly 4 million community workers in China fighting in 650,000 communities. On average, 6 workers cover one community. In other words, each will be responsible to take care of 350 people.

Second, field hospitals were immediately established to treat all patients in urgent need. Taking Wuhan as an example again, doctors classify patients into severe, mild, and suspected cases based on the their respective symptoms and then provide medical treatment accordingly. Very clear division of labor is agreed thereafter. Some designated hospitals in Wuhan City, together with Huoshenshan as well as Leishenshan Hospital which were built within two weeks, focus on the treatment of severe cases. 15 field hospitals are in charge of the treatment of mild cases. It goes without saying that building field hospitals was a pioneering initiative. With all these endeavors, large numbers of patients are able to receive medical treatment and quarantine timely, instead of staying on the waiting list due to lack of capacity. meanwhile, other designated hospitals may mobilize resources and concentrate on the treatment of critical cases. To our delight, the spread of the virus was blocked, and the trend of the epidemic was thus reversed.

Third, Traditional Chinese Medicine plays a significant role. TCM has shown obvious efficacy in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and played an important role in combating the disease. TCM can effectively relieve symptoms, reduce the risk of cases with mild or moderate symptoms developing into severe cases, improve the cure rate, reduce the mortality rate, and promote the recovery of the patients. TCM services cover the entire process of prevention, treatment, and recovery. Among the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in China, more than 74,000 used TCM, representing 91.5% of the total cases. The total rate of effectiveness of TCM amounts to 90%. For further details, please refer to the Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 publicly released by the National Health Commission of China. In the protocol, Qingfei Paidu decoction is highly recommended for the treatment of COVID-19.

All in all, there are many specific and effective ways to fight the disease in China. As a responsible country standing for the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China does not "hide" these "unique skills". As President Xi Jinping stressed at the World Health Assembly, “China has shared control and treatment experience with the world without reservation and has done everything in our capacity to support and assist countries in need”. In fact, many countries have learned from China's experience to achieve positive results in the fight against the pandemic. The virus is our common enemy. At this difficult time, all countries should join hands in hands work as one, make concerted efforts to protect the lives and health of the people of the world, safeguard planet Earth, our common home and build a global community of health for all.





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