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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Video Meeting with Community Workers Against the Pandemic

On May 21, the Consulate General in Dubai convened a video meeting for community workers of the joint prevention and control mechanism in the consular district. More than 120 people attended the meeting, including Consul General Li Xuhang, Vice Consul-General Sun Xudong, Vice Consul-General Tan Li, Economic & Commercial Counselor Wu Yi, the heads of overseas Chinese organizations in the consular district, and representatives of Chinese-funded institutions and international students.

Representatives of overseas Chinese volunteers reported on the service of the joint prevention and control mechanism. In the past two months, under the guidance of the Consulate General, the overseas Chinese community has set up volunteer teams to provide service with their strengths in residential neighborhoods with most Chinese people. They established a center for the reserve of pandemic prevention materials, guided overseas Chinese to prevent and control the disease, and helped stranded people solve specific problems in daily life. Their effective work is welcome and supported by many overseas Chinese people. The speakers at the meeting also proposed solutions to problems such as the arrangement for homeless people and the difficulties faced by overseas Chinese businessmen.

Consul General Li Xuhang extended early greetings for Eid al-Fitr to overseas Chinese Muslims in the consular district. On behalf of the Consulate General and so many overseas Chinese, he expressed sincere thanks to the community workers and volunteers for their hard work in the joint prevention and control of the pandemic in the consular district. Li Xuhang said that on March 27, in response to epidemic in the UAE, the Consulate General in Dubai mobilized Chinese people and enterprises in Dubai to establish a joint prevention and control mechanism aiming to protect the health and safety of nearly 300 thousands Chinese people in the consular district. In the past two months, the mechanism played a key role in guiding people to prevent and control the pandemic, comforting stranded people, helping people with difficulties, and organizing charity activities. It brought hopes to the overseas Chinese in the disaster. As the mechanism continues work, the influence of overseas Chinese communities and the cohesion within the overseas Chinese are enhanced, which not only comforts people but also improves the image of overseas Chinese.

Li Xuhang analyzed the trends of change and development of COVID-19 in the UAE. He illustrated the risk factors faced by overseas Chinese and the aspects that are easy to be neglected based on the confirmed cases among overseas Chinese and provided guiding opinions accordingly. He also answered some questions about the concerns of the overseas Chinese such as the supply of anti-pandemic materials and the resumption of commercial flights. At last, Li Xuhang put forward specific requirements for the work of joint prevention and control in the next stage. He emphasized that the Consulate General in Dubai will continue to coordinate all available resources and provide a full range of assistance and services to the overseas Chinese in the consular district. The Consulate General will work together with the people to fight against the pandemic during this hard time and believe that we will finally celebrate our victory together.

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