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Consul General Li Xuhang Meets with Head of Dubai's Covid-19 Command and Control Center Through Video

On May 10, 2020, Li Xuhang, Consul General in Dubai, had a video meeting with Amer Ahmad Sharif, head of Dubai's Covid-19 Command and Control Center. Over a dozen of officials of the center also attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang made positive remarks on the anti-pandemic measures taken by the Dubai government. He said that under the leadership of the Covid-19 Command and Control Center, the situation in Dubai is stable and controllable. Dubai provides free treatments of foreign patients with COVID-19. The Chinese patients were under good care and many of them have been cured and discharged from hospitals, for which we express sincere gratitude. The virus knows no borders. It is the common enemy of mankind. All countries should come together and work as one to meet the challenge. The Consulate General is willing to share our successful experience and promote the communication and cooperation of the two sides in the fight against the coronavirus. It is believed that with our cooperation we will win the war against the pandemic in an all-round way.

Amer Ahmad Sharif agreed with the Consul General that "the virus knows no borders" and said that in the fight against the pandemic, all countries should work together. The good bilateral relations between China and the UAE enable us to help each other like brothers. China has achieved great success with rich experience in fighting against the disease. Dubai's Covid-19 Command and Control Center hopes to learn more practical experience from China and is willing to work together with China to overcome our common enemy.

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