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Consul General Li Xuhang Welcomes Second Group of Government-sponsored Teachers from China to Chinese School Dubai

On August 29, Consul General Li Xuhang held an online meeting with the Chinese School Dubai to welcome the second group of government-sponsored teachers from China to teach at the school. Vice Consul-General Sun Xudong also attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang extended a warm welcome to the teachers. He said that the Chinese School Dubai has made remarkable achievements in teaching, research and campus building since its establishment a year ago. These accomplishments have been lauded not only by students’ parents and Chinese competent authorities, but also by the UAE education authorities. Following President Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the construction of overseas Chinese schools, these teachers have overcome all kinds of challenges to come to Dubai to take their responsibilities. They will undoubtedly open a new and glorious chapter in their teaching career as they contribute their wisdom and strength to making the Chinese School Dubai a leading demonstration project of Chinese basic education going abroad. As a diverse and inclusive city with a large number of international schools, Dubai is an ideal place for teachers to pursue their education goals. Li Xuhang hoped that these teachers would uphold confidence in Chinese culture and give full play to the advantages of Chinese education while learning from the achievements of education in other countries and striving for innovation and exploration, so as to make modern education with Chinese characteristics shine on the international stage. He stressed that these teachers are the best of the best in China. As they have experience as principals, directors or master teachers in China, their joining is a joy for the Chinese School Dubai and a blessing for the students, and the school will surely usher in a brighter future.

According to Principal Yin Liping, the number of teachers at the Chinese School Dubai has increased from 38 to 53 with the addition of the ten new teachers from China and five newly hired local teachers. As a result, the teaching staff of the school has been significantly strengthened. The school has started the enrollment of new students, which has increased despite COVID-19. Compared to last year, the total number of students has increased by nearly 120. Classes in all grades have been expanded, demonstrating the great trust and confidence of students’ parents in the Chinese School Dubai. Furthermore, the school has a new look as its teaching equipment and facilities were upgraded during the summer vacation. Principal Yin also said that with the guidance of competent authorities in China and the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, the Chinese School Dubai is confident in leading all teachers to work together to achieve even greater success in the new school year.

Teachers present unanimously stated that they were warmed and heartened by the Consulate General’s care and encouragement, and that they would work hard not to disgrace their mission and would contribute to the Chinese School Dubai’s new development with patience, love and responsibility.

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