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Consul General Li Xuhang Connects with Vaccination Site in Dubai Under Spring Sprout Action

On the morning of August 24, Consul General Li Xuhang had a video call with Chinese nationals and staff at Al Safa Health Center, the regional COVID-19 vaccination site for Chinese nationals in Dubai under the Spring Sprout Action. He asked about the operation of the vaccination site since its launch three months ago and listened to participants’ opinions and suggestions. Vice Consul-General Sun Xudong and Karisem, Deputy Director of Healthcare Center of Dubai Health Authority (DHA), also attended the event.

Li Xuhang had a cordial conversation with many Chinese nationals who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 at the vaccination site, asking how they were doing in the UAE, whether they had any difficulty in making an appointment, what they felt after vaccination, and what suggestions they had for services being provided at the vaccination site. He stated that the Spring Sprout Action is a major initiative of the Chinese government to protect the lives and health of Chinese citizens overseas, to which the Chinese government has been attaching great importance. The Chinese Consulate General in Dubai and the DHA have been working closely together to improve the vaccination appointment scheduling and vaccination process since the official opening of the vaccination site in May, aiming to provide Chinese citizens in the UAE with fast and comfortable vaccination services. Li Xuhang also said that the Chinese compatriots present were all beneficiaries of the Spring Sprout Action as well as the good relations between China and the UAE. He hoped that they would continue to comply with the local epidemic prevention and control requirements after the vaccination, enhance self-protection measures, and help to promote the Spring Sprout Action and friendship between the two countries so that more Chinese nationals in the UAE could feel the care of their motherland and friendliness of Dubai.

The Chinese compatriots on the spot expressed their sincere gratitude to the Party, the government and the Consulate General for their care, saying that the vaccination services offered under the Spring Sprout Action were exactly what they needed under the current severe pandemic situation. They said that they had full confidence in the safety and efficacy of the vaccines provided by their motherland, and that they were deeply touched as they were able to get vaccinated with Chinese vaccines in a foreign country. They appreciated the quality services provided at the vaccination site, noting that the appointment process was smooth, the vaccination site was clean and comfortable, and the staff were thoughtful and meticulous. They said that they could really feel the friendliness of the UAE people towards the Chinese people.

Li Xuhang also spoke with Deputy Director Karisem, who was present at the vaccination site. He said that the Spring Sprout Action in Dubai is a concrete implementation of the important consensus between the foreign ministers of the two countries, and that the establishment of the regional COVID-19 vaccination site for Chinese nationals in Dubai is a vivid representation of the China-UAE friendship and the achievements of the two countries in fighting against the epidemic. The DHA was extremely helpful in the establishment of the vaccination site, providing good facilities and professional medical staff as well as Chinese language services in the shortest possible time. These have received high praise from Chinese citizens who have been vaccinated at the vaccination site. The DHA officials on site stated that China and the UAE have supported each other to overcome challenges and have worked closely in the fight against the COVID-19 since its outbreak. Dubai will continue to work on vaccination under the Spring Sprout Action and to provide quality vaccination services for more Chinese nationals in the UAE.

According to statistics, more than 15,000 Chinese citizens temporarily staying in the UAE have received COVID-19 vaccines through the Spring Sprout Action by scheduling an appointment with the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai.

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