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Consul General Li Xuhang Publishes Signed Article "Let Science Speak for Origin-Tracing of Covid-19"

On August 24, Consul General Li Xuhang published a signed article titled "Let Science Speak for Origin-Tracing of Covid-19" on the official website of Al Arabiya TV, a famous media in the Middle East. The English translation of the full text is as follows:

Why is the origin-tracing of the Covid-19 important? Because it is of great significance for finding the source of the epidemic and preventing similar epidemics from happening again in the future. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, China was the first country to report the epidemic and to contain it. China has also provided the most anti-epidemic supplies and vaccines to other countries. The Chinese government always attaches great importance to the origin-tracing of the Covid-19 and actively participates in global cooperation in the origin-tracing with an open attitude. China is the first country to fully cooperate with WHO in tracing the origin of the coronavirus. We have twice invited WHO experts to China to conduct joint research on the origin-tracing, which has made important achievements by giving authoritative and scientific pronouncements. This is a role model for the world in tracing the origins.

Only through tracing the origins in a scientific way can we capture the "culprit" of the epidemic. The WHO-China joint study has made a good start for global investigation into the origins of the COVID-19. In the months since the Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on COVID-19 was released, more and more scientific evidence has shown that it is a very valuable report that can pass the test of science and history. Because this study is completely led by scientists following the principles of science and abides by WHO procedures. Tracing the origins of Covid-19 is essentially an issue of science that involves many disciplines. Scientific conclusions can only be achieved through scientific methods.

Politicization of origin tracing plays no other role than an "accomplice" in covering up the truth. Looking back on this pandemic, you will find that China, as the first country reporting the cases, was a veritable "whistleblower.” The place where the epidemic was first discovered is not necessarily the place where the virus originated. This is common sense just as that the Spanish flu did not originate in Spain. No country will accept the requirement of investigation into the origins of the epidemic under a "presumption of guilt". This kind of requirements is to politicize scientific issues. Politicizing the origins study is like seeking fish from the tree, which will only get farther away from the facts. If the "whistleblower” ends up as a "scapegoat", when a similar epidemic breaks out in the future, who would still be a "whistleblower"?

Global investigation into the origins of Covid-19 in multiple areas is of objective necessity. Virus tracing is a global conundrum. Historical experience has proved that it is an arduous, complicated, and time-consuming task requiring highly professionalism. In this unprecedented Covid-19 epidemic, it is not the politicians having preconceived ideas or intelligence agencies holding presumptions of guilt who are responsible for tracing the virus origins. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, new evidence continued to emerge, showing that there had already been cases of Covid-19 in other countries before the first cases reported in China. Moreover, the strains of the coronavirus at the beginning of the outbreaks in many countries are different from those found in Wuhan. Therefore, tracing origins in multiple areas over the world must be conducted. Ignoring these facts and only focusing on one country in tracing the origins make one wonder what the true intention is behind it.

Early achievements in tracing the origins should be fully respected. The first phase of Covid-19 origin tracing in the WHO-China joint mission was carried out in a scientific and sufficient manner. The WHO-China joint mission report has made authoritative, professional and scientific conclusions on investigations into the virus origins and made specific advice on the origin tracing in the future. It is an important foundation and scientific guide for the next phase of COVID-19 origin tracing. Abandoning clear conclusions and starting the origin tracing over from scratch is also against science and will undermine the authority of the WHO itself. Recently, the WHO Secretariat has issued a statement, emphasizing that the next phase of origin tracing should be based on the research in the first phase and implement the recommendations in the China-WHO joint mission report.

At present, the new variants of Covid-19 are raging and disasters related to extreme weathers occur frequently in many countries. Pulling together is the only option to overcome these global crises. Going it alone can only make the problem worse. Facts have proved that political manipulation is a major obstacle to solidarity and has created more opportunities for the virus to cause bigger disasters. China looks forward to working together with other countries including Arab countries to contribute to the early victory over the epidemic and a global community of health for all.

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