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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Onling Meeting Celebrating Chinese Teachers' Day

On September 10, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai held an online meeting to celebrate the Chinese Teachers’ Day. Consul General Li Xuhang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice Consul-Generals Sun Xudong and Tan Li were present. Nearly 70 teacher-representatives from 19 institutions including the Chinese School Dubai, the Confucius Institute at the University of Dubai, 100 UAE schools Teaching Chinese Language Program, various Chinese education institutions and UAE culture and education societies attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang extended greetings and congratulations to all Chinese teachers in the consular district, saying that they really practiced the motto, “learn, so as to instruct others”. All the teachers there have overcome difficulties, marched straight to the frontlines, held posts with tenacity, cultivated morality, and blazed new trails facing the epidemic in a foreign country. They have dedicated themselves to education and played successful roles with their academic work, professional ethics, and moral conduct in leading the students on the right paths. At present, there are over 200 Chinese teachers of various disciplines in the consular district, covering more than 20,000 Chinese and foreign students. Li Xuhang said that all the teachers there are the pioneers promoting Chinese education and Chinese culture abroad. They are committed to leading overseas Chinese children to pride themselves on their Chinese culture, solving the worries of expatriates about their children, and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the UAE. They have made remarkable achievements in these glorious missions. Li Xuhang also expressed four hopes toward the teachers. First, keep firm confidence in the Chinese culture and exemplify the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the advanced socialist culture through their professional performance and manners. Second, uphold common development. The educational institutions of the consular district must help each other, learn from each other, strengthen communication, and work together for common development. Third, learn advanced international experience. Dubai has good resources in international education where we can learn advanced international experience from various countries and make unique contributions to the modernization of China's education. Fourth, improve together with the motherland. They must study the latest important speeches of President Xi Jinping, always pay attention to the latest education reform policies of the Ministry of Education, deeply understand the spirit of the central government, take right directions, and keep making progress with the motherland.

The teacher who delivered a speech on behalf of the other teachers expressed their gratitude for greetings and blessings from the Consulate General on the 37th Chinese Teacher's Day showing the care of the Party and the government. They unanimously stated that thanks to the joint prevention, control and protection mechanism established by the Consulate General, various agencies have united and assisted each other to overcome the impact of the epidemic so that the Chinese language education and Chinese culture promotion in the consular district have continuously made new achievements. They hoped that under the guidance and support of the Consulate General, they will make overseas Chinese education bigger and stronger, promote China-UAE cultural exchanges and cooperation, and make new achievements that do justice to the times and the motherland.

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