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Consul General Li Xuhang Attends Online Mental Health Seminar "Resilience of Overseas Employees: Companionship and Connection"

On February 3, Consul General Li Xuhang attended an online mental health seminar themed “Resilience of Overseas Employees: Companionship and Connection”. Counselor Wu Yi was also present. The event was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Business Council in UAE and PetroChina International Middle East, under the guidance of the Consulate General in Dubai. Dr. Zhang Jie, Chairman of CGP-China Consulting Company, was invited to give an online lecture with a Q&A session. The goals of the seminar were to ease employees’ mental stress brought about by the pandemic and enhance employee wellbeing as enterprises resume work and production. More than 150 representatives from 21 Chinese enterprises in the UAE attended the online seminar.

Consul General Li Xuhang talked about the severe pandemic situation facing the UAE, and asked the enterprises to painstakingly fulfill their major responsibilities of keeping the staff calm, minimizing travel flow, and preventing imported cases. They should guide and encourage employees to adjust themselves psychologically and maintain their physical and mental health as pandemic prevention and control measures become an ongoing effort. Li Xuhang hoped that all Chinese enterprises would seize opportunities and strive towards a new horizon in 2021. This will involve actively resuming work and production, and making overall plans for production, operation, and pandemic prevention and control.

With a high level of expertise and years of experience, Dr. Zhang Jie talked about three aspects in dealing with psychological crises and regulating emotions during the pandemic. He firstly discussed difficulties and challenges brought by the uncertainty of the pandemic, and then talked about managing mental and physical health of the self as well as the family, and finally advised on sleep management for overseas employees. Finally, Dr. Zhang Jie answered questions regarding some common issues facing overseas employees, such as marriage, relationship with children, intergenerational relationship, and romantic relationship.

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