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Chinese Embassy and Consulate in UAE Convene the Sixth Video Conference on Pandemic Prevention and Control for Chinese Enterprises

In order to better prevent and control the pandemic in Chinese enterprises, supervise and guide enterprises to resume work and production, enhance their risk prevention ability, and prevent the coronavirus from entering the country, the Chinese embassy and consulate in the UAE held the sixth video meeting on the prevention and control of the pandemic for Chinese enterprises in the UAE on January 14. The meeting was presided over by Li Xuhang, the Consular General in Dubai. Ni Jian, Ambassador to the UAE, delivered a speech. Heads of more than 30 Chinese enterprises in the UAE attended the conference.

Ambassador Ni Jian carefully analyzed the current pandemic situation in the UAE, conveyed relevant instructions and guidelines from China on pandemic prevention and control, and requested Chinese enterprises in the UAE to further enhance their political awareness and risk awareness, and carry out their responsibilities. Furthermore, the enterprises should prudently handle emergencies, and operate their production in accordance with rules and regulations. They are advised to resolutely guard against any tendency to take chances, let down guard, become weary of the fight, and slacken efforts. Prevention and control measures must be strictly carried out to bring a good beginning to 2021 and contribute to the anti-pandemic fight and overall development in China.

Consul General Li Xuhang made fully positive remarks on the efforts and achievements made by Chinese enterprises in the UAE in fulfilling the requirements of keeping the people calm, minimizing travel flow, and preventing imported cases. He then reported some typical cases, asking Chinese enterprises to be problem-orientated and continuously improve schemes of prevention and control as well as production safety. The enterprises should work hard on discovering the needs and obstacles of Chinese staff and continue to keep people calm and minimize travel flow. Enterprises are advised to enhance staff management, identify and eliminate pandemic and safety hazards, and take care of employees’ safety and wellbeing. They should effectively implement requirements from Chinese embassies and consulates to ensure a peaceful and joyous Spring Festival.

Participants thanked the embassy and consulate for their guidance and support to the enterprises’ prevention and control work in the past year and said that they would actively meet the challenges and take the initiative in pandemic prevention and control, thus making greater contributions in 2021 to the development of China-UAE relations and the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

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