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Fighting Covid-19 with Joint Hands:The 4th Anti-Epidemic Supplies Distribution in the Consular District

In order to support the overseas Chinese in the Dubai consular area in fighting the Covid-19, the Consulate General in Dubai organized the 4th distribution of epidemic prevention materials. On December 1, Consul General Li Xuhang was present at the distribution in Dubai Construction Materials Market. Xu Xiaoping, Head of the Dubai Overseas Chinese Anti-Epidemic Reserve Center, and Chen Zhixiang, Vice President and Secretary-General of the UAE All-China Federation and President of the UAE Association for Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China in Dubai also attended the event.

Consul General Li Xuhang handed out epidemic prevention supplies to overseas Chinese at the scene and said that the Consulate has always been keeping the safety of overseas Chinese in the consular district in mind and has been maintaining close communication with governmental departments in the consular district to ensure the health and safety of overseas Chinese. Li Xuhang thanked the overseas Chinese in the consular district for their active cooperation in implementing epidemic prevention measures, their conscientious attitude in carrying out scientific protections, and their effort in establishing a good image of Chinese citizens in epidemic prevention and control. He also warned against the second wave of the epidemic and called on the overseas Chinese to be faithful, to adhere to scientific protection measures, and to keep helping each other in the fight against the Covid-19. The joint prevention and control mechanism led by the Consulate will continue to support the overseas Chinese and endure any difficulty until the end of this epidemic.

The overseas Chinese present said that the anti-epidemic supplies were timely help like fire in winter, representing care from the homeland. They also expressed their pride in being Chinese and their belief that under the leadership of the Consulate, everyone will help each other and overcome the difficulties together, and they will surely overcome the epidemic and resume normal work and life at an early date.

This is the fourth distribution of epidemic prevention materials since the establishment of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the consular district in March this year. As the co-organizer of this event, the Dubai Overseas Chinese Anti-Epidemic Reserve Center distributed about 4,000 boxes of medical masks, 5,000 boxes of Lianhuaqingwen Capsules (LH-C) and 2000 bottles of hand sanitizer to nearly 1,000 overseas Chinese at 11 distribution points in Dubai and the Northern Emirates from December 1st to 2nd. The Middle East Station of China Media Group, Seenium Media (DubaiRen) and other local news media reported on the event.

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