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Chinese School Dubai Holds Admissions Briefing

On June 6, the Chinese School Dubai held an online admissions briefing. Consul General Li Xuhang, Vice Consul-Generals Sun Xudong and Tan Li, Shang Ke, the Principal of Hangzhou No.2 High School of Zhejiang Province, Yin Liping, the Principal of Chinese School Dubai, Zheng Jianhua and Zhao Baidong, Vice-principals of Chinese School Dubai, and representatives of Chinese-funded institutions, overseas Chinese organizations, parents of students, and Chinese media, totaling nearly 400 people, attended the briefing.

Consul General Li Xuhang and Principal Yin Liping jointly launched the website of the Chinese School Dubai, www.csd.ae, which provides students and parents with information such as school profile and news on admissions.

Shang Ke, the principal of Hangzhou No.2 High School of Zhejiang Province, attended the online briefing in Hangzhou. He congratulated Chinese School Dubai on launching the website and starting to enroll students. He stated that Hangzhou No.2 High School, as a first-class school in China, will provide the Chinese School Dubai with full support including excellent teachers and managerial experience aiming to offering high-quality education services to children of overseas Chinese in Dubai. They will strive to make Chinese School Dubai a pioneering, iconic and leading overseas Chinese school.

Principal Yin Liping said that with the strong support of the Consulate General in Dubai and enthusiastic people from all walks of life, the preparation of the Chinese school Dubai had been making smooth progress. The school takes “All for Students” as its vision and is committed to the values of “Aspiration, Diligence, and Altruism”. Aiming at providing children of overseas Chinese in Dubai with basic Chinese education of high quality, it commits to nurture talents with Chinese souls, international visions, and humane feelings who are ready for the future world. The Chinese School Dubai will open on September 1st this year, and all preparations are proceeding in an orderly manner. It is believed that with the strong support of people from all walks of life and close cooperation between China and Dubai, the children of the overseas Chinese in Dubai will be provided with a safe campus and excellent and diverse education services.

Consul General Li Xuhang made a concluding remark, congratulated Chinese School Dubai on the successful start of its enrollment, and thanked the three principals, enthusiastic Chinese entrepreneurs and other overseas Chinese people who participated in establishing the school. He said that there are more than 200,000 overseas Chinese and more than 6,000 Chinese-funded enterprises in Dubai. It is our long-cherished wish to set up a Chinese school in Dubai. Over the years, the Consulate General in Dubai has been earnestly practicing the spirit of education going global proposed by President Xi Jinping, working hard to implement the principle of diplomacy for the people, and is committed to building the school into a project that solves problems for overseas Chinese in the consular district, pass on Chinese culture to overseas Chinese, promote the Belt and Road Initiative, and facilitate education going global. It is hoped that everyone will work together to attract high-quality educational resources, explore advanced school running ideas, integrate the advantages of Chinese education and international education, aiming to turn Chinese School Dubai into a first-class school that leads China's basic education to go global.

At the admissions briefing, Principal Yin Liping also answered questions that are generally concerned by many parents such as the curriculum, teaching staff, credits transfer, and logistics.

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