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H.E.Consul General Li Xuhang Visited Dubai Zhonghui Educational Institute To Express Condolence

On March 11, Consul General Li Xuhang paid a visit to Zhonghui Educational Institution in Dubai, accompanied by Vice Consul General Sun Xudong and Tan Li.

On behalf of the Consulate General in Dubai, Li Xuhang expressed his condolences to the teachers who still held on their education posts during the epidemic outbreak, fully affirming the patriotism of the overseas Chinese in Dubai during the special period. Li Xuhang said that under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government's prevention and control measures have progressed smoothly and achieved remarkable results. At present, the COVID-19 epidemic situation is entering a new stage of transnational spread. Please do a good job of self-protection, scientific and rational response, and avoid panic. At the same time, pay attention to the epidemic information´╝îprevention and control guidelines issued by the UAE Health Department, and take the initiative to accept the UAE epidemic prevention measures, go out less, and avoid visiting crowded places to prevent cross infection. The Consulate General will continue to serve the compatriots in the consular region in the spirit of "diplomacy for the people".

Zhou Tongtong, the head of the Zhonghui Educational Institution, thanked the Consul General for his condolences, and said that the special visit of Consul Li and other officials brought the warm care of the motherland. The huge development of the motherland is the strong support of all our compatriots overseas. We will continue to work hard to fulfill our responsibilities for the Chinese education of the children of overseas Chinese and make greater contributions to the spread of Chinese language and culture.

After that, Li Xuhang visited the classrooms and offices of Zhonghui Educational Institutions, watched online video teaching courses, and briefly communicated with the teachers.

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