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Consulate General in Dubai Conducts Online Briefing- Diplomacy for the People

March 21 morning, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai conducted an online briefing themed on its “diplomacy for the people” work. Consul General Li Xuhang delivered an important speech. More than 300 people, including Yin Liping, Principal of the Chinese International School and its preparatory team and some overseas Chinese representatives attended this event. The briefing was hosted by Deputy Consul General Tan Li, and Deputy Consul General Sun Xudong and Economic & Commercial Counsellor Wu Yi were present.

Consul General Li Xuhang briefed on the latest development of response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the measures of prevention and control taken by China and UAE. Furthermore, he expressed that the Chinese Communist Party and the whole China attached great importance to the health and security of the overseas Chinese in Dubai and appreciated their donations and support to the domestic anti-pandemic work while repeatedly asked our Consulate to take more measures to help the overseas Chinese on a local footing to combat the virus in solidarity to safeguard each other. Since the first COVID-19 case of the UAE had been confirmed, our Consulate immediately launched the emergency response plan. Based on the concept of “diplomacy for the people”, our Consulate took a series of measures to help the overseas Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises in Dubai prevent and battle the virus, such as the release of 9 tips for safety reminders, multi-channel recommendation on the online medical consultation zone for the overseas citizens, set-up of 24-hour hotline for consular protection related to this pandemic, in order to collect and report the latest information on the regulations of entry and exit of the UAE and policies of pandemic prevention and control. Our Consulate hopes all the people to strictly abide by local laws and regulations on pandemic prevention & control, so as to keep good personal hygiene protection, avoid non-essential travel, keep calm rationally and do scientific prevention. Please contact the Consulate General as soon as possible in case of special circumstances.

Yin Liping, Zheng Jianhua and Zhao Baidong, these principals from the preparatory team of the Chinese International School, briefed on the preparatory work and carefully answered the questions about the extensive concerns of many parents, such as School Roll change, application procedure, school characteristics, daily schedule, school conditions, etc.

Then, Li Xuhang thanked Yin Liping and his colleagues for coming to Dubai to carry out school work despite the pandemic risk. Indeed, Li Xuhang highlighted that to open a Chinese International School is a look into the future and a necessary requirement for building Chinese “soul” and “root”, passing on excellent Chinese “gene”, and providing quality education for the overseas Chinese children in Dubai. Especially for this Chinese International School, he firmly believed that as per the decisions and plans made by Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council, under the leadership of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the strong support of Dubai Sheikh, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai, the Community Development Authority of Dubai, the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the Chinese International School in Dubai will open in September this year and will progressively develop into a famous brand of overseas Chinese international schools.

As for this event, masses of the overseas Chinese in Dubai left messages online: the briefing was informative and useful, which helped them know further the current pandemic situation in Dubai and the prevention and control measures; the briefing enhanced their safety and prevention awareness and helped them plucked up the courage to face the pandemic; they were sufficiently provided with specific guidance of pandemic prevention. Overseas Chinese thanked the Consulate General and Principal Yin and his colleagues for opening a Chinese International School in Dubai, which will help the staff of Chinese-funded organizations and the overseas Chinese in Dubai solve many practical difficulties such as the education of their children, family separation etc. so that they can fully be dedicated to the China-UAE cooperation and construction. They praise the school as an important “heart-winning project in the public interest” and expect the school to open as soon as possible.

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