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Li Xuhang, China's Consul General in Dubai Attends Chinese New Year Celebration in the Duty-Free Shop at Dubai International Airport

    On January 21 of 2020, Li Xuhang, China's Consul General in Dubai attended the traditional Chinese New Year Celebration event held in the Duty-Free Shop at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, accompanied by Deputy Consul General Sun Xudong and Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO of Dubai Duty Free. More than 100 people, including other Dubai Duty Free management, employees and media professionals participated in the event.

    First of all, Li Xuhang extended Chinese New Year Wishes to all staff of the Duty-Free Shop of Dubai Airport, appreciated the efforts made by Dubai Duty Free for holding Chinese New Year celebrations for several consecutive years, and praised Dubai Duty Free staff for providing the excellent service for tourists from China and other countries. Following the success of 2020 Happy Chinese New Year Grand Parade in Dubai last week, the celebration event organized by the Duty-Free Shop of Dubai Airport would be another highlight of the Dubai Spring Festival celebrations, which has fully reflected the ample attention given to the Chinese market and the amity shown towards the Chinese people by Dubai Duty Free. Li Xuhang emphasized that China-UAE relationship has been entering the "Golden Era" under the joint care and guidance of the leaders of both countries. The opening of Expo 2020 Dubai will also attract more Chinese enterprises and tourists to visit Dubai. With broader prospects and space in terms of all-round mutual beneficial cooperation between both countries, we hope that Dubai Duty Free will make greater efforts in serving Chinese tourists and achieve greater development in the new year.

    Furthermore, Li Xuhang specially expressed Chinese New Year blessings to the Chinese employees of Dubai Duty Free, expecting them to work hard, live up to their aspiration and realize more achievement, so as to make more contribution to the friendship between China and UAE in their ordinary posts.

    Mr. Colm welcomed Consul General Li Xuhang to attend this celebration event. He said that last year the Chinese passengers at Dubai Airport accounted for only 4% of all the transit passengers, but the Chinese passengers' purchases reached 17.4% of the turnover of the Duty-Free Shop, ranking No.1 for two consecutive years. Dubai Duty Free has been attaching great importance to the Chinese market and will continue to increase investment, and launch more new activities and new measures for promotion so as to provide the Chinese tourists with better services.

    Accompanied by Mr. Colm, Li Xuhang and his team visited the newly decorated hall of the Duty-Free Shop filled with the Chinese New Year festive happiness, watched Chinese Tea Art show, Chinese Calligraphy demonstration and symphony performances, and then cut the ribbon together with Mr. Colm for the celebration.

    Li Xuhang was also interviewed by China Arab TV at the celebration event.

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