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Consulate General in Dubai Implements Offsite Application Service in Ajman

    On December 22, a working group of Consular Affairs Office of the Consulate General in Dubai went to the China Town in Ajman to carry out offsite application service in order to help overseas Chinese in Ajman and other northern emirates apply for visas and pension qualification proof. The working group also provided other services like notary service, authentication, and the consulting of overseas Chinese affairs.

    The China Town in Ajman is an important gathering place for overseas Chinese in the northern United Arab Emirates, where there are about 2000 shops run by local overseas Chinese. For a long time, the overseas Chinese in Ajman and other surrounding emirates have encountered difficulties in applying for the renewal of passports and other consular certificates, due to busy working time, long distance, traffic jams etc. Aiming to do “Diplomacy for the people” and help overseas Chinese solve the actual difficulties, the Consulate General for the first time carried out offsite application service, which was warmly welcomed by local overseas Chinese community.

    In vigorous atmosphere, the overseas Chinese expressed their thanks to the staff of the Consulate General for providing such door-to-door service, which saved them a lot of time and solved their real difficulties. They said they deeply felt the care and warmth of motherland. The Consulate General promised that they would regularly carried out such service based on the needs of overseas Chinese.

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