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Consul General Li Xuhang Attends Online Symposium on Celebrating Hong Kong's Return and Welcoming National Security Law

On July 1, Consul General Li Xuhang attended the online symposium on Celebrating the Return of Hong Kong and Welcoming the National Security Law organized by the overseas Chinese in the UAE. The symposium was presided over by Lin Guojun, Chief Representative of the Middle East and Africa Office of Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Vice Consul-Generals Sun Xudong and Tan Li, Economic & Commercial Counsellor Wu Yi, and over 20 representatives of overseas Chinese from Hong Kong and other provinces of China attended the symposium.

The participants from Hong Kong enthusiastically celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the return of Hong Kong and welcome the enacted National Security Law for Hong Kong.

Lin Guojun said: "Today is of historical significance since it is not only the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong's return but also the first day of the enactment of the National Security Law. The compatriots from Hong Kong firmly support the newly enacted law and believe that it will help Hong Kong get rid of the current difficulties and create a more peaceful and stable society for Hong Kong to re-flourish." Fu Qiqing, a businessperson in the UAE from Hong Kong, Du Xinzheng and Su Dong, representatives of Hong Kong youths, and Zeng Jiajun and Xu Youjie, members of UAE Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification remarked in their speeches that the riots in Hong Kong seriously affected its economic and trade development and international image, and seriously disturbed the daily lives of most law-abiding citizens. They highly praised the National Security Law saying that it is the perfect solution to the plight of Hong Kong since it will better protect the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong residents and help Hong Kong's economy return to the right track. In the future, Hong Kong must be the Oriental Pearl of political stability, economic boom, and social progress.

Xu Xiaoping, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the UAE Overseas Chinese Union, and Chen Zhixiang, Chairman of the UAE Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification, also stated that all overseas Chinese in the UAE firmly support the National Security Law for Hong Kong and believe that under the strong leadership of the Central Government and with the support from the people of the whole country, Hong Kong SAR will perform well in safeguarding national security and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability.

Consul General Li Xuhang pointed out in his concluding speech that since the return of Hong Kong, the hostile forces have not stopped the interference and destruction of "one country, two systems". Especially in last year's turmoil stemming from the Extradition Law Amendment Bill, the separatists talked and acted unscrupulously, violence was shocking, and terrorist crimes were increasing, which tramples on the rule of law and social order, undermines Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, and challenges the bottom line of "one country, two systems". Most law-abiding Hong Kong people were outraged and strongly opposed to the riots. The turmoil in Hong Kong is not a contradiction between socialism and capitalism. It is a result of the colonialists' attempts to control and exploit Hong Kong and oppose the right of the 1.4 billion Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots to choose the paths of development independently. The enactment of the National Security Law for Hong Kong is a decisive measure taken by the Central Government in response to the situation in Hong Kong under the Constitution and the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region. It is in accordance with the common aspiration of the people, the social trend, and the fundamental interests of all Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots. Li Xuhang said that the enactment of the National Security Law for Hong Kong is of great significance. It will change Hong Kong's state of "non-defense" in safeguarding national security, provide a way out of Hong Kong's current difficulties, and better protect the legal rights and interests of most Hong Kong residents. It is the foundation of the stability and order of Hong Kong's society, of the people's well-being and the vitality of "one country, two systems".

Li Xuhang emphasized that the Consulate General in Dubai will, as always, solve problems for enterprises and compatriots in the UAE from Hong Kong and other areas of China, and provide better consular services. We call on the overseas Chinese community in Dubai to act together to overcome risks and challenges and forge ahead to achieve the two centenary goals and national rejuvenation.

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