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Consul-General Li Xuhang Visits Chinese Students in the Consular District

On March 22, Consul-General Li Xuhang, accompanied by Vice Consul-Generals Sun Xudong and Tan Li, greeted Chinese students from Al Qasimia University in Sharjah, visited Chinese students in Dubai and gave out kits of epidemic essentials.

Li Xuhang first connected via video chat with more than forty students from Al Qasimia University. He said that the health and safety of overseas Chinese students have always been the concern of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council, who asked the Consulate General to convey cordial regards to the students. Li Xuhang stressed that the Consulate General will always stand behind the students, help them through the pandemic and assist them in solving their problems both in everyday life and in pandemic prevention. Li Xuhang introduced to students major achievements that China has made in pandemic prevention and control and the latest situation in prevention and control in the UAE and over the world. He stressed that the pandemic is preventable and controllable. He suggested that students should unite to help each other and act in accordance with schools and local governments. They can contribute to fighting the pandemic by taking strong prevention and control measures and keeping up with their studies.

Later, Li Xuhang visited student accommodation where he conversed with representatives of Chinese students living in Dubai. Li Xuhang said that it must have been very hard to leave their parents, take on responsibilities and live an independent life in pursuit of their studies at such young ages. He said that in the face of the pandemic, China and the Consulate General worry about their health and safety as much as their parents do. He hoped the students can study and live with a good mindset, enhance their awareness in prevention and control, help each other, and carry out joint prevention and control measures. China and the Consulate General will always stand firmly behind them. Li Xuhang gave out kits of epidemic essentials to students, and assigned three underage students separately to the help and care of three Consulate General officials. Being very moved, the students read aloud the letter of greetings from the Consulate General to the Chinese students in the consular district.

Students expressed gratitude towards the concern from their country and the Consulate General. They agreed that although they were living abroad during the pandemic, they did not feel alone, as the feeling that their motherland was around them made them feel warm. Students said they will bear in mind the message of the Consulate General and follow the instructions in prevention and control issued by local governments and their schools. They will take strong measures in self-protection and quarantine, stay united and helpful, study and live with a good mindset, so as to bring comfort to their families and the country. They wished to serve China after they complete their studies.

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